Roblox Voice Chat

Created by iiofficrbrent

Roblox Voice Chat? Before we get into Roblox Voice Chat, we need to know what is Voice Chat, for those of you who don't know what voice chat is, it is a phone call in a game, and can be used on any device. Roblox Voice Chat is also known as Spatial Voice is a Beta, and cool-ish feature to Roblox, as it is in beta feature. there is some down sides according to my investigations of it (I do not have access to the Voice Chat feature, so I have done my best).

Who has access to it, and will it be safe?

Voice Chat is only given to selected 13+ Developers which is a great thing, but is it safe? In order to be apart of beta, you need to be accepted (May not be true). But is it safe? well according to Roblox "We filter all text chat on the platform to block inappropriate content, such as discriminatory speech, bullying, extremism, violence, sexual content, etc., as well as personal information and instructions on how to move off the platform.", but this goes to chat bubbles, what will they do with Voice Chat.

Editors note:

Maybe a this could be a success, but voice chat could piss off parents.